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Game Mechanics

Shattered Glass

In Shattered, the ability to break blocks by punching them is turned off, but players can break the glass blocks that make up the course by shooting them with arrows. This can be used to puncture barriers, cut off routes of attack, and spleef opponents into the void. Over each match, the course will become progressively more destroyed.

Some blocks take more than one shot to break, and will indicate the damage they’ve taken by changing color. For example, a black glass block will first turn dark grey, then grey, then white, then clear before the next shot breaks it. And some blocks, like quartz blocks and sea lanterns, are unbreakable. There will always be at least one unbreakable path between the opposing teams’ cores to prevent stalemates.

Special Bows

Around the map there are spawn points for special bows. They have limited number of uses and they spawn randomly at a set interval of time.

Game Modes


This game mode you are trying to deactivate your opponents cores. Each map has three cores per team, 3 green and 3 purple. They are made out of glass panes and are lite up. You can see ax example of one these cores in the screenshot.

You deactivate the core by hitting it with any arrow, it will then turn Red and stay deactivated for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds it turns back on and you would need to deactivate it again. To win you need to have all 3 cores deactivated at the same time ( within 20 seconds of each other ).

Fruit Buster

In the Fruit Buster game mode your goal is to explode different fruits by shooting them faster than your opponent(s). They fall from the sky during the game.

During the game if you die you lose some of your fruits, and also fruit values vary from -1 to 2, so make sure you keep track of which fruits are good and which ones are bad.

Special Thanks to Logstoneable for his exploding melons command blocks, which was crucial for making this game-mode and shattered in general.


An asymmetrical attack/defend game-type. The attackers must destroy the Power Core, and the defenders must prevent them from doing so within a set amount of time.

The Power Core is protected by a shield, and in the animation to the left you can see there are some Control Panels that you can deactivate the shield leaving the Power Core vulnerable for attack. This Game mode is still under heavy testing and may change.

The time limit can be configured before the game in the lobby.


Hopefully deathmatch doesn't need much explaination. Obviously your goal is to be the last man/team standing. Everyone starts with a set number of Lives and when you die you lose these lives. This is one of the more popular modes however. You can play deathmatch as a team, or in a Free For All setting.

You spawn randomly around the map in the free for all mode. Some of the game options like Golden Bow, Low Gravity, and Fragile Glass can really make this game mode interesting.


Levels can be changed after each game, at the level chooser in the lobby.


Ideal # of players (2-6)

This level is small but the 2 teams are divided by a large barrier of glass in the center of the level. All 4 spawns for specials bows are up on high platforms and risky since you can be knocked off and taken out very easily.


Ideal # of players (2-8)

This level is very small and compact and for those who played counterstrike is a similar layout to ice world levels. You have 4 structures in the center in a grid pattern with alley's in between them. There are very few places to hide in this level without having to worry about looking behind you all the time.

Oh and beware the Laundry Chute

Two Towers

Ideal # of players (6-10)

This level was inspired by the popular unreal tournament facing worlds level. If your looking for a more strategic team game this is the level to do it. Sometimes it can end up being a little grindy depending on some game options.

This was the first level designed when shattered was being developed.


Ideal # of players (6-12)

The idea behind this level would be getting that feel of a mega block feel. This level plays better with more people. There are 3 tiers in this level with some stairs up and down to each. Don't forget what team you're on, its easy to get turned around in those spiral staircases.


Ideal # of players (8+)

This level is by far the largest level and the most open in terms of protective glass. Special bows that have a limited range like the rainmaker are not as useful on this level, but defensive special bows like the waller become very useful.

Snipers who like the longer range shoot out, this is the level for you.


Ideal # of players (10+)

This level has parts loosely based on the counter-strike level dust, and dust2. This level has a lot of quartz cover and you can hide really easily. Usually being on the rooftops can give you an advantage.

This level is not symmetrical like the others, if your enjoy sneaking around and rooftop parkour this is the level for you.


Ideal # of players (8+)

This level has the most natural looking terrain out of all the levels. The level is divided into 2 halves by the cracked void area in the middle. This level is also not symmetrical and purple has a more defensive position.

One of the most enjoyable game modes on this level would have to be raiders by far.


Lobby Options

The great thing about this game is the customizations the lobby gives you. There are multiple levels to choose from, special game options, special bow spawn options, and much much more.

Some of the options include, Golden Bow ( One shot one Kill ), Lighting, Fragile Glass, Low Gravity, Crazy Fruit, plus I am always finding new and interesting options to add to the game.

About the Creator

Hello my name is Panguino, you can follow me on twitter @Panguino. This is my first pvp vanilla custom map for release that I have ever worked on. I look forward to continuing to improve this one and working on others in the future. My passion has always been making games other people can enjoy. My goal is to make a game that everyone can learn easily, and enjoy but it has the depth in which you can also play competitively.

Hopefully you all enjoy playing my map as much as I enjoyed creating and testing it.

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Special Thanks

I want to thank everyone who helped me work on the map as well as inspired me to work on it.




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